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Grape Escapes


A Tasting Tour of Spain: Wine, Cheese & Charcuterie

This class is all about Spain! And not just the amazing wines; M will also explore the traditional cheeses and cured meats that pair oh so harmoniously together. With more land under vine than any other country, its colorful history, rich cultural heritage and flavorsome cuisine, Spain is a melting pot of all that is bold and vibrant. In this session M will delve into a number of Spanish wine regions from Rias Baixas and Bierzo in Green Spain, to Rioja and Campo de Borja in the Ebro River Valley, and to Priorat and Jumilla along the Mediterranean Coast. You will discover wines based on the grapes of Albarino, Cariñena, Garnacha, Tempranillo, Verdejo… The diversity offers plenty of outstanding wines, with many well-priced offerings. Ten wines, representing some of the best examples of tradition and modernity in quality wine making will be enjoyed with a selection of regional cheeses, meats, fresh and dried fruits, olives, Marcona almonds, and other flavors of Spain.

A seminar on Bordeaux, France

This fall, Meritage will hold a series of informal, themed wine seminars in their Cellar Room that are designed to improve one’s knowledge of wine and fill your cellars with some treasures! Guests are encouraged to take part by asking questions as M progresses through the 90 minute session. In this session on Bordeaux you will be introduced to the distinctive red and white wines they produce. Six wines will be enjoyed with a selection of meats and cheeses and is limited to an intimate 12 - 18 oenophiles.

A Seminar For Those Passionate About Pinot!

The wines in this tasting are all made from the same grape variety – Pinot Noir. You will come to understand why, perhaps more than any other varietal, this thin-skinned, temperamental grape is able to capture and reflect the unique characteristics of its individual site. We will compare and contrast 6 Pinot Noirs from around the globe: Burgundy, California, New Zealand, Oregon… and enjoy them with a selection of meats and cheeses. The session is limited to an intimate 12 - 18 oenophiles.

An Elevated Tasting of Italy’s Barolo & Brunello

These Killer B's represent the most collected pure-varietal wines of Italy, competing with the Grand Crus of Burgundy as well as the cult favorites of California. Taking into account the storied history and committment to quality, it is not surprising these wines have graced the best lists from around the world. This session will feature wines that exemplify their respective regions and grape varieties so that you can become familiar with the key characteristics of each and apply what you learn in a final blind tasting. Nine wines will be tasted and enjoyed with a selection of regional cheeses, meats, and other light appetizers.

A Class Exploring Big, Bold, Bodacious Red Wines 

Is this your style? When describing what you like in a red do you find yourself using words like bold, concentrated, full-flavored, intense, powerful, solid…So what makes a red wine all of this and more? In this session you will learn about a number of grape varieties and blends of grapes that often make up these generous wines.  M will teach you how to recognize tannin, fruit, acidity and body and delve in to the complex, multi-layered, concentrated bouquets and flavors that this category can offer. Eight substantial, global red wines will be tasted blind and enjoyed with a variety of light appetizers selected to enhance the experience.

A class that will reveal not everything that sparkles is Champagne!

What is a Cava, Champagne or Crémant? They are all sparkling wines. In this fun, informative session you will be introduced to a global assortment of bubblies. M will begin the "compare and contrast" tour in Europe with a Franciacorta and Prosecco from Italy followed by a side by side tasting of Champagne and Crémant from France. Reminder: Champagne only comes from Champagne, France! Spain is next with their version of sparkling wine called Cava. The tour will then make its way to the Americas to match up sparklers from the U.S and South Africa. The class will conclude with a blood-red sparkling Shiraz from down under. Grape varieties, growing regions, production methods, serving and storage will be discussed. You will also learn how to taste and evaluate. Most importantly 'M' hopes you come to appreciate the extensive variety of sparkling wines available on today's shelves and discover new bubblies to bring to your table. Nine wines will be enjoyed with a variety of light appetizers selected to enhance the sparklers and introduce the concept of food and wine pairing.


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