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Consultation for Establishments

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'M' provides consulting services to a variety of wine establishments. Whatever level of support - creating a wine-by-the glass list, intensive staff training action plan or a fun and interactive, educational workshop - 'M' can tailor it to your specific needs and put her palate, passion, and creativity to work for you!

Cheers, Salud, Santé, Cin Cin!

Why You Need 'M'

The wine list and the wine knowledge of the sales associate or server is a make-it or break-it part of the wine encounter. Unfortunately, in all but the finest, the experience is most often disappointing. Wine service, often considered one of the more important aspects of staff training, is a factor that is often overlooked. It is a complicated subject that is difficult to teach and the vast majority of managers have many other priorities that end up taking precedence. Unfortunately, most independently- owned wine establishments cannot afford a full-time devotee of wine, despite the indisputable increase in profitability and customer loyalty that a solid and well constructed wine list and well-informed service staff can bring. 'M' believes the solution to these problems lies in a different kind of structure. Take the wine service training out of the already multi-tasking managers' hands. Bring in an outside consultant to work with your staff and, if you so desire, help you to create, refine, or manage your wine list. 'M' brings her wine expertise to work for you, without the cost of a full-time salaried employee. Along with her knowledge, experience and enthusiasm, 'M' also brings a training program she's developed and one that can be easily and efficiently adapted to the needs of your particular establishment. Whatever level of support you need - whether it's creating your wine list, wine 101 training, food pairing concepts or targeted staff workshops on subjects such as effective up-selling - 'M' will come in for a free consultation and then create a system that fits your specific needs and budget.

Just give 'M' a call or drop a line to make an appointment.

Services and Training Topics

Including but not limited to:

  • List analysis, fine-tuning, creation and - if need be - complete annihilation! More than ever before, it is essential that a wine list match the menu's creativity, passion, and attention to detail.
  • 'M' offers practical, fun interactive workshops to familiarize staff with the establishment's wine and food, service standards and restaurant concept. The goal is to provide the team with the information and experience to make them comfortable, confident, responsible servers. Your bottom line will appreciate it.
  • Review and or implementation of an intensive and on-going "Staff Training Action Plan" that will review all aspects of staff development: appearance and professionalism; responsible beverage service; wine education; innovative tasting and incentive programs; strategies for effective up-selling; how to read a customer; food and wine pairing; sales vs. order-taking; secrets to seasonal wine selling and more.

With consumers' increasing knowledge and interest in wine, there is an opportunity to both please and educate guests. Seizing that potential begins with effective training. Staff members need to be comfortable in their knowledge of an operation's wine list to make ordering wine equally comfortable for patrons. You want your customers to feel as if the entire staff is there for the sake of their hospitality and comfort, and they are! Contact M Wine Education and Consulting Today